One Chem - Tent & Gear 1L and Deep Foam Cleaner 200ml

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Deep Foam Cleaner 200ML - 

Effortlessly cleans dirt from the surface of the shoes, as well as scratches and seams, so that your shoes look like new. 

The cleaning foam is widely used for shell shoes, canvas shoes, sports shoes, air force shoes, canvas, wood, rubber, gelcoat, for all materials and types of shoes. 

Instructions for use - Apply the foam onto the affected surface and agitate with a cloth or brush. Clean off the excess foam with clean cloth or rinse it off.


Tent and Gear Waterproofer 1L

Tents, outdoor and hiking clothing and gear lose water-repellent qualities over time. 

Once this has worn out, you can restore it with a waterproofing treatment such as One Chem Tent & Gear Proofer. 

One Chem Tent & Gear Proofer is a hi-tech spray-on waterproofing solution that makes your clothing and gear waterproof without impairing breathability. 

Suitable for climatic membranes like GORE-TEX and many others, it has been designed to restore the water-repellence of your wet weather clothing while maintaining breathability. 

It is extremely easy to use, just spray on and leave to dry. 

Use once you feel that the water-repellence of your garment or gear has worn off to restore its water repellence.

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