Swizzels Love Hearts - Cage & Litter Tray Cleaner - 2 x 750ml

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Cage & Litter Tray Cleaning Liquid - 2 x  750ml 

Swizzels Love Hearts “BE HAPPY” Cage & Litter Tray Cleaner is suitable for use on wood, plastic, glass and metal. 

This product is a probiotic cleaning liquid containing billions of active ‘friendly bacteria’ and has been formulated for use on a variety of animal housing and litter trays. 

The ‘friendly bacteria’ will actively digest organic constituents, leaving your pet housing clean, safe and odour free. Instructions 

For Use: Remove all soiled litter or bedding. Spray generously directly onto the affected area. Surplus residue should be wiped off with a damp cloth and left to dry.
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