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Pine Disinfectant Concentrate 5L

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- Biocidal formulation: no harsh fumes, non-corrosive, bleach-free making it suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments.

- Multipurpose protection to disinfect and sanitise a wide range of hard surfaces including tables, walls, floors, door handles, and regular contact surfaces such as phones, light switches.

- Designed to help prevent the spread of infections in hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, hotels, food service facilities and domestic settings.

- It is ideal for helping to stop the spread of bacteria in communal areas or for disinfecting external deliveries and packages.

- A powerful disinfectant and deodoriser concentrate that kills odour producing bacteria and fungi and neutralises unpleasant odours.



Pine Disinfectant is a multi-purpose disinfectant with a high level of active ingredients making it perfectly suited for the regular sanitary maintenance of homes, communal spaces and work environments; But also suitable for use in healthcare institutions and workplaces.


*The colour of bottle may vary