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One Chem Heavy Duty Sink & Drain Unblocker 5L

One Chem Heavy Duty Sink & Drain Unblocker 5L

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ONE CHEM heavy duty sink and drain unblocker is a premium sink unblocker liquid designed to instantly clear fat and other deposits from your drains. These versatile products are ultimate drain unblocker tools. ONE CHEM cleaning supplies are fast acting, powerful and combine super strength action with a faultless formula.


ONE CHEM drain cleaners and unblockers dissolve unwanted blockages, even through standing water. Use as a kitchen sink unblocker to remove fat, grease and food build-up and as a bathroom sink unblocker to remove soap, bath waste and hair. This debris and hair remover fights through the toughest blockages to restore a clear running drain.


This drain cleaner is an optimum drain cleaning tool for use on internal and external drains. Use as an outside drain unblocker to unclog and maintain drainage. Use as an outdoor drain unblocker as well as a shower unblocker to remove hair and soap residue from the shower plug hole cover and drain.


Protect your shiny sinks and drains by using this drain unblocker on a regular basis. This gel will get to work quickly in unblocking and draining plug holes. The gel will maintain a fresh running drain. No cleaning gadgets required.


ONE CHEM drain unblocker is safe to use on all pipe types. This cleaner will seep through a sink strainer, bathroom plug hole, shower drain cover and kitchen sink plug with ease. This plug unblocker is a premium product to keep your pipes and drains clean and fresh.

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