M-Sport Leather Cleaner 500ml + Leather Protection Cream 250ml (with 2 Microfibre Cloths)

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All you need to keep your leather clean.


A powerful, premium leather cleaning product. Removes dirt and grime that is deeply ingrained in your leather, ensuring that your leather is clean and stain-free.A unique PH Neutral leather cleaning solution that contains no solvents or abrasives. It quickly and easily cleans leather with deeply embedded dirt, cleaning it safely without causing any damage. Always test on an inconspicuous area before use. It is an ideal leather furniture cleaner, car leather cleaner, and leather shoe cleaner. It works on all colours of leather and all different grain types.


M-Sport Leather Protection Cream is a simple and effective way to protect your leather and reinstate its natural aroma. This product will help protect your leather against looking worn as well as reduce the appearance of scuffs, scratches and fading. This product also prevents further dirt and grime by providing an effective barrier whilst maintaining the leather’s natural look and texture. M-Sport Leather Protection Cream helps provide an effective barrier against stains, dirt and oil on all your leather items old or new. Reduces wear and tear and helps to prolong leather fading in sunlight. This product can be used on leather furniture, garments, shoes, bags and other leather goods. Protect & nourish is also widely used on horse riding saddles, tacks etc. Feeds, protects and nourishes the Leather with all the essential nutrients it needs to repel dirt and grime associated with daily use. This product is the easiest way to protect and maintain your leather in minutes. M-Sport Leather Protection Cream is made with all-natural ingredients including a unique combination of Carnauba wax and other waxes and oils with a beautiful natural leather fragrance. This natural leather protection cream is kind to your leather which maintains and rejuvenates its original look and texture without causing any damage.



Our experts are here if you have questions before purchasing and if after purchasing you’re not satisfied with the results (we expect you will be), we offer a money back guarantee. We know our product works wonderfully when used according to instructions.

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