M-Sport Cockpit Shine 1L

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M-Sport Cockpit Shine cleans, protects and ensures that long-lasting new-car appearance in the interior. M-Sport Cockpit Cleaner makes dirty surfaces like treated leather, rubber, vinyl, plastic, convertible roofs and sealed wood gleam with renewed shine. The interior of your car shouldn't be neglected during cleaning and treatments: washing the outside, cleaning the wheels and polishing the paintwork are the first important steps, but leather, upholstery, door sills and the cockpit also need attention!


Helps to achieve a deep clean with a neutral fragrance; perfect for the cockpit, door panels and door sills. Can also be used on seat fabrics and rubber parts; removes almost all stains.


Get your car looking spotlessly clean with this cockpit cleaner, whether it's leather, the steering wheel or any plastic surface. Should ideally be used after washing the car with car shampoo and wheel/rim cleaner. Shake before use.


We recommend using it to treat your car's cockpit, seats, floor, headliner, mats and carpet. Don't forget to also use it in the boot, or in the front storage space in an electric car.


Precision car cleaning and maintaining your car's value in a bottle. Optimum material compatibility. Contains no silicones or solvents. Still has a powerful effect! Also recommended for use in the home.


Comes in a handy spray bottle. Simply spray onto the surface or a car microfibre cloth or polishing cloth and wipe over surfaces. Produces clean surfaces, without smears.


M-SPORT products are rigorously tested before being released to ensure security and to match the highest car care standards.

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