Enviro Works Cesclean Septic Tank Treatment 12x20g

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- Natural treatment eliminates odours and cleans septic tanks, digests organic waste

- Big savings, 12-month septic tank bacteria treatment, less than £1.50 per month

- Suitable for all tank types including biotreatment units

- Universal - maintains entire septic systems ensuring clog-free drains and soakaways, eliminates grease build-ups in your tank and drains

- Contains 12x20g sachets, use 1 sachet a month


A septic tank bacteria treatment for domestic septic tank owners who want to maintain healthy, efficient, and odour-free septic systems, clog-free drains and soakaways whilst doing their bit for the environment. JUST FLUSH & FORGET! Each month flush down a Cesclean soluble septic tank bacteria treatment sachet to maintain a healthy microbe population. TIP – If you have a slow-draining sink, dissolve a Cesclean sachet in lukewarm water last thing at night. Then let it flow into the trap and drain. Leave any residue until morning before flushing it away. It will digest fats, oils and greases coating waste pipes.

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