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Enviro Works

Enviro Works Bug & Mildew Control RTU 1L + Concentrate 500ml

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- Pesticide free, uses physical mode of action to stop pests

- Safe to use around children, pets and bees

- Suitable for edibles and ornamentals, provides the plants with nutrients for healthy growth

- Controls powdery mildew by washing away the spores

- Fasting acting control of aphids, blackly, red mites, whiteflies, mealybugs, scale, psyllid, and more


A quick, ready to use formula, for outdoor and undercover use. The formula can be used on flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs and ornamentals, providing foliar nourishment to encourage healthy plant growth and promote abundant fruit, vegetables and vibrant flowers. There is no harvest interval required, meaning the produce can be eaten within hours after application. Proven to be highly effective, the same formulation is currently used by many professional growers and landscapers across the UK and Europe.

*The colour of bottle may vary