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Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner 5L

  • HEAVY DUTY FORMULA: Clean the darkest & dirtiest spots with the heavy Duty Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner formula.

  • PERFECT FOR ALLOY WHEELS AND RIMS: Our car wheel cleaner is a concentrated alkaline cleaner, ideal for cleaning all types of wheels, and powerfully removes brake dust from alloy wheels. Just use it with your car wheel cleaning brush and add it to your car polish kit for amazing results.

  • AMAZING FINISH: Leave a streak-free finish on your wheels with this heavy duty alloy cleaner. No need to worry about buffing them to a shine! Just spray on agitate if there is very thick dirt and wash off! Get a super-clean finish without much scrubbing and make it a part of your detailing ritual for always-perfect cleaning results.

  • WHEEL SAFE: suitable for all alloy wheels, will not leave acid marks as the product is Acid free!

  • Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner is designed to remove thick dirt and grime from your alloys. Due to the dirt and grime wheels build up on a daily basis it is important for them to have a product that works. Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner is a heavy duty wheel cleaning solution that has been tried and tested.

  • Watch your alloy wheels come out sparkling. You will be amazed by the results


* The colour of the bottle may vary

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