CARSHARK PH Neutral Car Shampoo 500 ml - Concentrate - Cherry

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CARSHARK PH Neutral Car Shampoo 

  • PH neutral, high foaming formula designed to enable the cleaner to penetrate the grime through the thick and clingy foam it produces
  • Its pH neutral formula makes it very safe for a car pre wash foaming solution, and suitable for all surfaces and finishes.It will not strip waxes or protective coatings
  • PH Neutral car shampoo is a highly concentrated formula designed to be tough on dirt and road grime, whilst gentle on wax, paint sealant layers and other car care products, the ultra lubricated high foaming action minimises the risk of inflicting fine scratches during the wash stage
  • Wax & sealant safe. Cleans and improves look of vehicle paintwork
  • Cherry Fragrance

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