CARSHARK Ceramic Car Shampoo 1 L

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Ceramic Car Shampoo

  • Hydrophobic Effect: Enhanced hydrophobic properties result in faster drying and excellent water rinse-off, leaving a continuous protective layer.
  • Dirt Resistance: Reduces the adhesion of water-borne dirt to the vehicle's bodywork, improving the gloss and brightness of the paintwork.
  • Application Option 1: Wet the car first, spray a light mist on the panel, wipe with a soft, clean towel, and buff to a high shine and protection.
  • Application Option 2: Wash the vehicle as normal, then spray the ceramic car shampoo on all vehicle surfaces by using snow foam lance and rinse off.
  • Versatile Formula: Suitable for use on various vehicle surfaces, providing a protective layer and enhancing the overall appearance.

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