CARSHARK Blizzard Snow Foam 1 L PH Neutral

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Blizzard Snow Foam Concentrate 1L 

  • pH NEUTRAL. Premium formula engineered specifically for coated, waxed or sealed finishes, and cleans without stripping protection

  • EXTREME CLING. The intense foam clings in volume, gently loosening road grime on lightly soiled cars before pressure rinsing and car washing

  • LUBRICATES THE SURFACE. Lubricates the surface on dirtier vehicles for safer car cleaning

  • WAX SAFE: Expertly engineered to be completely wax safe. The perfect snow foam to use on any vehicle that has wax, sealant, coating protection.

  • THICK & EFFECTIVE: True to its name - high volume, thick snow foam that resembles a blizzard!

*The colour of the bottle may vary



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