One Chem - Black Spot Remover - 2 x 2.5L - Ready to Use Patio Cleaner

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One Chem - 2 x 2.5L Black Spot Remover - Mould Remover, Algae Remover - Spray and Leave

2 x 2.5L Black Spot Remover - ready to use formulation which powers through patio black spots, lichen and stains

Directions for use:

- Read all label instructions before use
- The product is ready to use and applied neat through a plastic watering can or sprayable equipment
- Always test in a small inconspicuous area before using to ensure it is suitable and desired effect is achieved
- Apply directly to the surface to be treated and leave to soak in, product will begin to react as it gets to work
- Leave product on surface between 2 - 4 hours to allow time to work
- Rinse off the area thoroughly
- Repeat as necessary for badly affected areas
- Product can be applied to slightly damp surfaces or dry surfaces

Safety Warning:

- Ensure that the area to be treated is cleared of garden furniture and other items so that they are not in accidental contact with the product
- Ensure that all loose dirt and other physical debris is removed first by brushing prior to application
- Do not apply to surfaces where they are saturated from recent rainfall
- Wash hands after use
- Keep pets and other animals away from area until entire operation is completed, and surface is completely dry
- Avoid contact with ponds
- Rinse all equipment that has been in contact with the product with cold water after use

Key Features:

- Effectively removes black spot mould, green mould and algae
- Ready to Use

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