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AA Wash & Wax Car Shampoo 750ml

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All you need to make to get heads turning. It provides you with a deep, glossy shine - with very little effort required - making it perfect for those of you with little time on your hands and those of you who like to dedicate a full day to cleaning your cars! You'll have heads turning in no time with the glossy, mirror sheen it leaves behind. 


The wash & wax incredible sudsing action lifts dirt and grime. It's the perfect way to clean and shine the paint in-between regular waxing, boosting protection, glossiness and shine.


The combination of shampoo and wax guarantees not only cleanliness but also a brilliant gloss finish. Safely and effectively lifts dirt and traffic film from paintwork, alloys, mirrors, windscreens and rubber trims.


Easy to use - add 3 capfuls to a bucket of warm water and mix, then apply with a mitt/sponge and dry with a microfibre cloth to achieve amazing results


*The colour of bottle may vary