Wee Away 500ml + CARSHARK 2 in 1 Pet Car Seat (with 2 Microfibre Cloths)

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- WEE AWAY: a naturally sustainable pet safe formulation, helps prevent bacterial infections and diseases in combination with disinfectants, eliminates traces of urine and urine odour, helps prevent uric acid damage

- PET CAR SEAT: 2 in 1 pet car seat that created a secure basket, or folds down for front seat coverage and protection, extra padding to help support pets when they're standing or laying down, and reduce bouncing or movement, perfect for going to the dog park, going on holiday, muddy hiking or everyday use to keep your car seat dry, safe, free of dirt, stains, mud or hair, waterproof, durable and easy to clean, perfect size for small and medium sized dogs


*The colour of bottle may vary

*Dog seat belt is NOT included