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Rootblast Concentrated Weedkiller 1L with Gloves

Rootblast Concentrated Weedkiller 1L with Gloves

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A super-concentrated, tough weed killer - designed to bring you results. Uses systematic herbicide technology to attack the weeds from the inside and kill the underlying roots.


Rootblast concentrated weed killer contains 360g/l glyphosate, the same as most professional-grade herbicides.


Powerful weed killer made for the control of most broadleaf and grass weeds including dandelion, grasses, docks, nettles, willowherb, bindweed, woody brambles, tree stumps, ivy and more. To be used on unwanted vegetation and areas not intended to bear vegetation.


See the first signs of control as early as a few days, up to 2-4 weeks after application.


  • Comes with a pair of gloves  for an easier and safer application process
  • An integral measuring device is inbuilt in the weedkiller bottle - remove the cap and carefully squeeze the container to fill the measurement chamber
  • This 1-litre bottle makes 50 litres of ready to use glyphosate weedkiller

*The colour of bottle may vary

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