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Rootblast Concentrated 1 Litre 72g/L Glyphosate Weedkiller

Rootblast Concentrated 1 Litre 72g/L Glyphosate Weedkiller

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- Kills roots and weeds

- Contains 72g/l glyphosate (acid equivalent) present as 79.2g/l of the ammonium salt of glyphosate

- For larger trees and shrubs to treat freshly cut stumps. For smaller shrubs and woody weeds (such as brambles) below 1 metre in height, cutting is not always necessary and the product can be diluted and applied as an overspray. For other annual and perennial weeds apply as an overspray.

- 1 Litre of Concentrate makes 10 litres of standard ready to use glyphosate weedkiller

- For perennial grasses, broad Leaved weeds and other woody weeds (e.g. brambles). 1 Litre treats up to 660 square metres.

- Biodegradable in soil


*The colour of bottle may vary

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