Weedkiller RTU 2.5L (with Long Hose Trigger)

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- Made using natural ingredients, glyphosate free formula

- Safe for children, pets and wildlife once dried

- Fast acting and ready to use on many surfaces including gardens, patios, paths and gravel

- Best results achieved against small weeds less than 10cm high


A ready to use formula containing 60g/l acetic acid. Controls annual and perennial weeds. RHS Weed killer is a non-selective weed killer active against most soft plant tissue with which it comes in contact. Weeds are controlled by covering their foliage completely and evenly with spray. Soon after spraying, the foliage of treated weeds begins to wither and die. Plant roots are not killed and new foliage may grow, particularly from the roots of perennial weeds. Annual weeds with small roots may die back completely but re-treatment will usually be necessary, especially to keep down perennial weeds. Use to achieve control of weeds. Best results are achieved against tender, small weeds less than 10 cm high. Ideally spray in spring and repeat as necessary over the growing season, up to a maximum of 6 applications per year.

*The colour of bottle may vary