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McLaren Performance Polish 500ml + Wash & Wax 500ml

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Precision-Performance-Protection - the ethos behind the McLaren Car Care Range. The McLaren Performance Polish + Wash & Wax have been created to reflect the ethos and the team’s commitment to excellence. They are professional quality products that are used by the team and are now available to the discerning home detailer and car care enthusiast.


McLaren Performance Polish is easy to use and should be applied in circular motions with a clean cloth allow to haze and buff off with a microfibre cloth. For best results work on a panel at a time and do not use in direct sunlight.


McLaren Wash & Wax is a car wash shampoo suitable for automotive paintwork. The foam helps clean the car with ease. Using just 3 capfuls within a 10 litre bucket of warm water, the foam will form and should be applied to the car from the roof downwards. Once the car has been covered, rinse off with clean water and dry the car with a chamois. Easy to use. Car wash shampoo. The foam helps clean paintwork with ease.