McLaren Bug & Tar Remover 500ml + Snow Foam 500ml

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Precision-Performance-Protection - the ethos behind the McLaren Car Care Range. The McLaren Bug & Tar Remover + Snow Foam have been created to reflect the ethos and the team’s commitment to excellence. They are professional quality products that are used by the team and are now available to the discerning home detailer and car care enthusiast.


McLaren Bug & Tar Remover is a special formula to remove tar spots and bugs from both paintwork, windscreens and side windows. Quick and easy to use, spray directly onto the spots to be removed, allow the product to soak in and then remove by lightly rubbing the area. For heavy tar spots a second application maybe required. Safe for all types of paint finishes. Removes tar spots & bugs from paintwork, windscreens & side windows. Quick & easy application – spray onto area, allow to soak & rub away. Safe for all types of paint finishes.


McLaren Snow Foam is effective when partnered with a power washer, hand sprayer or foam cannon. The concentrated formula allows the product to cling to the dirt and can be left on the car for 5 minutes, before loosening the grime and washing off with clean water. Produces thick, lubricating foam. PH neutral formula safe for use on all paintwork. Suitable for all domestic pressure washers.

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