M-Sport Decontamination Kit

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- M-Sport Citrus Pre-Wash Concentrate 1L

- M-Sport Tar & Glue Remover 1L

- M-Sport Blizzard Snow Foam 1L

- M-Sport Fallout Remover 1L


M-Sport Citrus Pre Wash is an alkaline-based pre-wash solution designed to remove excess dirt like bug splats and general road grime in order to prepare the car surface for washing.The alkaline formula makes it a safe, but powerful pre-wash solution, designed to minimise the breakdown of waxes and sealants, and is suitable for all surfaces in both the interior and exterior of the vehicle.You only need to dilute it, spray all the lower panels of the vehicle, leave it to dwell without drying and rinse off thoroughly with a pressure washer starting from the bottom. Pleasantly fragranced with Citrus to give your car that fresh clean smell!


M-Sport Tar and Glue Remover is a full-strength, solvent-based product that has been specifically designed with an intricate formula to soften and dissolve road tar, and helps remove glue residue. If you've noticed small black lumps along the bottom skirt of your vehicle, then this removal agent is a must-have product to leave your car in pristine condition, looking brand new. A safe, fast-acting solution to remove stubborn residues from paint and solvent resistant surfaces. Remove stubborn tar spots, bitumen and glue residue with ease. Removes residue from Paint, Glass, Windows, UPVC Frames, Vehicle Surfaces and Floor Tiles.


Premium formula engineered specifically for coated, waxed or sealed finishes, and cleans without stripping protection. The intense foam clings in volume, gently loosening road grime on lightly soiled cars before pressure rinsing and car washing. Lubricates the surface on dirtier vehicles for safer car cleaning. Expertly engineered to be completely wax safe. The perfect snow foam to use on any vehicle that has wax, sealant, coating protection. True to its name - high volume, thick snow foam that resembles a blizzard!


Heavy-duty, powerful formula, suitable for car detailing. Car alloys are prone to becoming dull and weathered over time. This can be due to your alloys naturally picking up dirt, grime and scuffs as you drive, or through iron contamination. Iron contamination is formed due to tiny particles of iron slowly falling from your brakes and clinging to your tyres and alloys. This then forms a dull and unpleasant looking finish, which this fallout remover is sure to remove. With a high percentage of active ingredients, it really smells but it also really works! Safe to use on all paintwork, all wheels types, glass, plastic, rubber and more. Simply spray on, watch it turn purple and then rinse off! PH Neutral – and will not scratch paintwork! This ensures that any wax you have placed onto your car to protect it and keep it looking fresh and clean will remain intact! Targets all iron particles and dissolves them quicker than ever before.


M-SPORT products are rigorously tested before being released to ensure security and to match the highest car care standards.

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