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Cesclean 12x Sachets

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- Prevents problems caused by detergents and chemicals 

- Degrades wate faster

- Degrades material such as paper, grease, and vegetable waste 

- Breaks down and prevents build-ups of crusts and solids

- Eliminates overflow, back-up, clogging and foul odours


How does it work ? Your septic tank acts as a collection point for your waste. The process of breaking down, liquefying and odourising the organic waste in a septic tank is entirely biological. However, because the process is natural it is easy to upset and can stop working – the system begins to smell, the soak-away gets clogged, the ground around the tank can become waterlogged, and the system gets so full of waste that it becomes blocked and eventually overflows. Protect your septic tank with CESCLEAN You can protect your septic tank with Cesclean, which provides your tank with millions of specially selected micro-organisms that are able to deal with modern wastes and therefore protect your system from problems. The micro-organisms in Cesclean are harmless and come in a ready to use granular powder sachet. The first application of Cesclean restores the natural biological process. After that, regular monthly applications will keep your septic tank working effectively, preventing expensive emergencies and additional pumping costs. How to use? Using Cesclean is simplicity itself. It comes prepacked in convenient sachets containing measured doses. Initial treatment: Empty the contents of four sachets of Cesclean into any lavatory bowl. Follow with 2 Litres of lukewarm water. Let stand for half an hour. Flush. Monthly maintenance: Empty contents of one sachet of Cesclean into any lavatory bowl. Follow with 1 Litre of lukewarm water. Let stand. Flush. NOTE: do not use hot water.