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CARSHARK Upholstery Cleaner 400ml

CARSHARK Upholstery Cleaner 400ml

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The ideal cleaner for removing ingrained dirt, grease and grime from hard surfaces, fabrics and soft furnishings. The foaming formulation removes stains with ease, lifting embedded grime including food stains, animal soiling, sickness, oils, greases and many other stubborn substances.


This multi-purpose formulation is highly effective in cleaning plastic and metal casings. The product can be used on a wide range of substrates including tiles, vinyl, wooden surfaces, micra table-tops, leather, upholstery, plastics etc.


The product should be wiped away with a clean damp cloth and will leave no smearing or residue behind to ensure a perfect, sparkling, clean every time. The product has been formulated to penetrate soft fibres to remove stains from carpets, clothing with ease.


*The colour of bottle may vary

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